Membership criteria for new members

Alliance Promotion Microbiote

  • For everyone :
    • Clearly display a Microbiota-oriented strategy and be involved in tangible activities in this area.
    • Agree that the development of Microbiota products must be carried out within a regulatory framework for Medicines (for the therapeutic part) or IVD (for diagnosis) or any equivalent regulatory framework.

    • Commitment to respect the positions of the Alliance Promotion Microbiote (APM) and support the development of the sector along the lines defined in the [Extrait des statuts]

      1. Accelerate basic and applied research and implement it within the industry
      2. Structure the French ecosystem to attract investment
      3. Support the development of national biomanufacturing capacities
      4. Secure the upstream part of the value chain, especially from a regulatory standpoint
      5. Support access to innovative microbiome-based therapies for all patients
      6. Position France as a driving force globally and the European leader in the microbiome industry

    • Maximum of 2 representatives per member, ideally 1.

  • By type of stakeholder in the development of the ecosystem:

College of Developers, includes entities developing a product with a regulatory status (drug, medical device, in vitro diagnostic device….).
College of Associates, includes entities such as investment companies financing microbiome companies; preclinical and clinical research and development companies (CDMO) working primarily in the microbiota field.
College of Clusters and Institutions, includes organizations such as incubators, life sciences clusters, research institutes, value-creating entities, SATT, hospitals, clinics, health care institutions, technology hub, city and regional authorities.
College of Partners, includes structures that could be universities, schools, consortiums, associations or foundations.