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European Microbiome Innovation for Health

The European Microbiome Innovation for Health is an independent European coalition, a public and private initiative and a non-profit organization aiming to ensure that microbiome-based medical innovations become a public health priority in the European Union.

EMIH gathers more than 20 key players from public and private sectors. From bench to bedside, EMIH encompasses the entire value chain of the microbiome industry.

We work to advance knowledge and promote the development of microbiome-based therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices in human health. Our mission is to ensure equal access through regulatory frameworks that meet the highest quality standards, while maintaining economic balance to sustain therapeutic innovation.

In 2024, this transition, from a French-centric association, Alliance Promotion Microbiote (APM) to the European Microbiome Innovation for Health, marks a pivotal moment in solidifying and advancing Europe’s industrial microbiome sector, with the goal of fostering medical innovation and securing a prominent global position for European stakeholders to enhance patients’ health by addressing unmet medical needs.

Our mission

EMIH strives to accelerate the availability of microbiome innovations in the market, addressing critical medical needs and enhancing the quality of life and treatment for patients.

The goal of EMIH is to ensure microbiota-based medical innovation is recognized by policymakers and by key healthcare stakeholders as a revolutionary and promising sector for patients and economies across the European Union.

Its members are committed to advancing microbiota-based therapeutics, diagnostics and medical bioproduction in the field of human health based on the highest quality standards, while creating a fertile environment for the development of the sector.

EMIH wishes for Europe to become a leader in the field and to support the emergence of an EU-based microbiome sector of excellence. This will allow European institutions to serve as a reference at the global level and accelerate the major paradigm shift represented by microbiota-based therapies for patients’ care pathways.

EMIH will work as an independent coalition of key stakeholders across the microbiome sector, including industry representatives from the EU, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies medicines, medical devices or in vitro medical devices) as well as research institutes, competitiveness clusters, foundations and  patient associations, to ensure a diversity of voices within  the organisation. 

EMIH is committed to working with all stakeholders who share its vision and ambition.

our goal
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EMIH has 3 goals:

Policy: Promote in Europe, in the field of human health, the knowledge and emergence of therapeutic, diagnostic and medical bioproductions linked to the microbiota to address unmet medical needs and improve the quality of life of millions of patients.


Health: Ensure that all patients in Europe have equal access to therapeutic, diagnostic and medical bioproduction based on the microbiota through a regulatory framework meeting the highest quality standards while allowing an economic balance supporting the emergence of  therapeutic innovation.


Sector: Structure a microbiota sector of excellence in Europe to serve as a reference at a global level.

Our agile structure

EMIH is a consensus-driven and collegial organization.

Meet the Board of Director’s office:

herve affagard
Hervé Affagard
CEO & co-founder
at MaaT Pharma
Sylvie Binda
Sylvie Binda
R&D Vice president
at Lallemand
Health Solutions
nivoliez adrien
Adrien Nivoliez
at Biose Industrie
Benoit Fouchaq
Benoît Fouchaq
at Biofortis Europe


  • Day to day management and execution of the decisions of the BoD
  • Weekly meetings

By the end of the year, two members will be renewed. Position will be offered to non-French new members.

Organized into 4 colleges with specific roles

College of Developers

includes entities developing a product following higher regulatory status (drug, medical device,
in vitro diagnostic device….).

College of Associates

includes entities such as investment companies financing microbiome companies;
preclinical and clinical research and development companies (CDMO)
working primarily in the microbiota field.

College of Clusters & Institutions

includes organizations such as incubators, life sciences clusters, research
institutes, value-creating entities, SATT, hospitals, clinics, health care institutions,
technology hub, city and regional authorities.

College of Partners

includes structures that could be universities, schools, consortiums,
patient or other specialized associations or foundations

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EMIH is collectively building a dynamic ecosystem to advance medical innovation centered on the microbiota, prioritizing public health within the EU and addressing unmet medical needs to enhance the quality of life for millions of patients.
being a member

Join us!

Unity is strength. Joining EMIH means being able to provide input to policy makers, patients’ associations, investors in Europe, and share networking opportunities while contributing to structure the industry. As all companies and institutions have experienced, achieving growth without the support of a structured and powerful ecosystem is a massive challenge. Here, at EMIH, we are committed to giving a voice to our members on behalf of the industry and providing business intelligence and tools to navigate the field.