> Alliance Promotion Microbiote To Welcome Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pelican Health and Polepharma as New Members

Alliance Promotion Microbiote To Welcome Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pelican Health and Polepharma as New Members

Lyon – France, November 9th, 2023 – Alliance Promotion Microbiote (APM), a leading player dedicated to the development, production, and commercialization of therapeutic innovations based on the microbiome, is proud to announce three new members. With more than 20 current members, APM today welcomes Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pelican Health and Polepharma, three major contributors to the development, production, and commercialization of microbiome-based therapeutic and diagnostic innovations for patients.  

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group committed to helping people around the world to build families and live better lives. Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, Ferring is a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and in specialty areas within gastroenterology and urology. Ferring has been developing treatments for mothers and babies for over 50 years and has a portfolio covering treatments from conception to birth. Founded in 1950, privately-owned Ferring employs over 7,000 people worldwide. The company has operating subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and markets its products in over 100 countries. www.ferring.com

Pelican Health specializes in precision medicine and offers solutions for studying the intestinal microbiome for diagnostic purposes. However, accessing this microbial information currently relies on complex, invasive, expensive, or unrepresentative methods. This is where Pelican Health comes in with a non-invasive, user-friendly, accurate, cost-effective, and scalable solution. This solution comes in the form of a Class IIa device the size of an ingestible pharmaceutical capsule and capable of multiple sample collections. www.pelican-health.com

Polepharma represents the French (bio)pharmaceutical industrial sector. Today, it’s Europe’s leading industrial cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals, between areas of excellence and industry stakeholders. Polepharma structures the sector and has been supporting its transformation for 20 years. It currently has more than 445 members in France, representing 26 billion euros in exports and 80,000 jobs in France. France has set the priority of ensuring its health sovereignty. To achieve this, it must regain its European leadership and accelerate the transition of its (bio)pharmaceutical industry. Only collective action will meet these challenges. www.polepharma.com

Hervé Affagard, President of Alliance Promotion Microbiote states “We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pelican Health, and Polepharma as they join our microbiome-focused association. The diverse profiles of our members reflect our common vision of unlocking the potential of microbiome-based innovations that will play a pivotal role in enhancing global patient health. APM celebrates its continuing growth with pride, welcoming private and public entities that, from our perspective, represent the key to a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry.”

Dr Philippe Niez, Medical Director of Ferring France/Belgium says “Ferring, alongside its scientific partners, is committed to understanding the human microbiome while harnessing its capability for rehabilitation to help people live better. Furthermore, we are exploring the potential of the gut microbiota to develop innovative approaches for diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases. So, it was important for Ferring to join APM, engaging in discussions with its members on numerous topics within this field.”

Thomas Soranzo, CEO and co-founder of Pelican Health adds We are delighted to join APM, a pioneering association central to the ongoing microbiota revolution, resulting from French scientific research and the emergence of innovative companies. We look forward to collaborating with members and proactively participating in discussions and decisions surrounding the political, regulatory, and economic aspects of the microbiome industry.

Fabien Riolet, CEO of Polepharma adds “For the past 5 years, we’ve organized an annual event focused on translating research and applying the science of microbiome. The microbiome shows great potential in advancing diagnostic and therapeutic products. Unleashing this potential requires collaboration between public and private experts in microbiome research and those involved in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Joining APM is a crucial and additional step allowing us to actively contribute to fostering synergy within this dynamic ecosystem”.

Collectively, APM members are shaping the European ecosystem, accelerating the transition from fundamental research to the market launch of microbiome-based therapeutic innovations (microbiota and bacterial consortia). Their goal is to address significant medical needs and enhance the quality of life for millions of patients. To learn more about APM or our membership opportunities, please visit our website: europeanmicrobiome.org

About Alliance Promotion Microbiote 

Created in 2022, Alliance Promotion Microbiote is an independent, non-profit organization bringing together over 20 major players from the public and private sectors. From bench to bedside, APM covers the entire value chain of the microbiome industry. Its aim is to position France as a European leader in the development, production and marketing of microbiome-based therapeutic innovations. The members of the Alliance Promotion Microbiote are Bioaster, Biocodex, Biofortis, Biose Industrie, Cynbiome, Eligo Bioscience, EverImmune, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, GMT Science, INRAE, INSERM, Lallemand Health Solutions, Lyonbiopôle Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Luxia Scientific, Pelican Health, MaaT Pharma, Polepharma, Medicen Paris Région, Nexbiome, Novobiome, Seventure Partners, Skyepharma and TargEDys.

Alliance Promotion Microbiote I E-mail: contact@europeanmicrobiome.org I Tel: +33 (0)6 14 06 45 92

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